Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Super Talent Announces SATA SSD Drives

Many months of Engineering efforts have finally paid off with our announcement this month of a full range of Solid State Disk (SSD) drives using an industry standard Serial ATA interface.

This new line of SATA drives is 100% compatible with conventional hard disk drives. However, these products are built with only solid state Flash components. Since they contain no moving parts, SSD drives have the advantage of being far more rugged and reliable than regular hard drives, while using 85% less power. Moreover, because SSD drives are built using Flash technology, they offer sequential transfer speed comparable to magnetic drives and dramatically faster access speed.

Super Talent designs and manufactures its SSD drives in its state-of-the-art Silicon Valley factory. Super Talent has validated these products in a wide variety of motherboards and laptops to ensure compatibility, and we perform 100% testing on every flash product we build to ensure the highest level of reliability. See product details here.

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