Monday, April 30, 2007

4GB Memory Kit Available Now!

With a 40% decline in DRAM prices already this year, there’s no better time to upgrade to more system memory. Now 4GB of memory is the norm for memory hungry desktop applications like video and photo editing. Super Talent has introduced a surprisingly affordable, yet fast, 4GB DDR2 kit comprised of a matched pair of 2GB modules. For ultimate density and great performance in one kit, there’s no better choice. Note that only 64-bit operating systems like Windows® Vista™ Ultimate or Windows XP 64 can use over 3GB of memory. P

roduct details: T800UX4GC5 Super Talent also offers individual 2GB DIMMs at 667MHz and 800MHz : T800UB2GC5 and T667UB2G_M

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