Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Super Talent SSD Drive Wins DISKCON USA Best of Show Award

San Jose, California – September 26, 2007 -- Super Talent Technology, a leading manufacturer of memory and storage solutions, captured the Best of Show award at the DISKCON USA 2007. Super Talent’s new 128GB Serial ATA drive, offered in 2.5-inch and 3.5-inch form factors, won the coveted award over scores of other new products from the industry’s leading storage vendors.

Super Talent’s Solid State Disk (SSD) Drives are based on flash chips rather than rotating magnetic platters as the storage medium. SSDs are completely interchangeable with industry standard hard disk drives; they conform to the same physical dimensions as hard drives, and use the same SATA interface as hard drives, making them functionally identical.

But SSDs offer numerous advantages over conventional hard drives. With no moving parts, SSDs are far more rugged and reliable than hard drives. Moreover, SSDs use about 80% less power, produce less heat and zero noise, and offer compelling performance advantages over hard drives. These products both support over 60 MB/sec sustained read and 45 MB/sec sustained write speeds:

Super Talent Marketing Director, Joe James commented, “This prestigious award validates all the R&D work we’ve poured into our SSD products over the past two years. We’re extremely honored. We’re anticipating a wide scale adoption of SSD drives in the near future due to the significant advantages they offer over hard drives.” These products are both shipping now. Approximate street price for both models is $4499.

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